If it lays hands on Taiwan…: US warns China

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Washington: US President Joe Biden has warned that if China invades Taiwan, US forces will defend Taiwan.

US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan despite strong opposition from China. Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan despite strong Chinese warnings.
Enraged by this, China encircled Taiwan and engaged in war exercises. But even after that, American MPs and governors of American states continue to travel to Taiwan. Due to this there is tension between America and China.

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Amid this tension, US President Joe Biden’s administration has approved the sale of $1.09 billion worth of military weapons to Taiwan.
In this case, US President Joe Biden gave an interview to reporters: If China invades Taiwan, US forces will protect Taiwan.
Unlike in Ukraine, U.S. troops would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion. This is what he said.

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America’s Corona crisis is over: Biden eulogy

According to him, the countries of the world are gradually recovering from the corona infection due to various preventive measures including the corona vaccine. The threat of corona virus has come to an end. He said that the number of deaths due to corona infection has decreased.

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