If my son dies, the judges will have it on their conscience

“My son is worse off, he keeps hurting himself. Mi I will rebel as long as I have life. “He unleashes himself on the TV program” La vita in ricerca ” Gabriella, the mother of Fabrizio Corona. His connection to the rai program comes a few minutes after the second act of self-harm by the former paparazzo, currently hospitalized in the ward of Psychiatry of the Niguarda hospital in Milan after he had tried to cut his veins at home a few minutes after hearing about the revocation ai domiciliary: Corona in the hospital today allegedly injured himself with a ballpoint pen in the veins of his arms, where he had already cut himself last week. To bring back the new self-injurious act of Corona was the lawyer Cristina Morrone, collaborator of the legal historian of Corona, Ivano Chiesa.

The mother: But if they kill him now, I’m not there

Shortly after, the mother states that “my son’s illness has always been there. Despite the many expert opinions of the experts of four different centers. Yet the judges did not take it into account”. And then he adds: “In my son’s judicial history there is nothing rational. My son has committed a crime, but he has already paid too much, however. Now he is entitled to others. three years of prison. If now, however, I do kill I’m not there. “And again:” If my son dies they will have it on their conscience “.

Corona will have to go back to prison and serve another three years

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It all started last Thursday when, after the panel of judges of the court of Surveillance had spoken about the return to prison of the former photographer, Corona had injured his arm as a sign of protest. The policemen had arrived at the house. “My son was very cooperative but then when he was provoked he reacted because of his illness.” Corona was thus brought into the ward of Psychiatry of Niguarda: when he is discharged he will have to go back to prison. It remains to be decided in which prison. Meanwhile, the former king of the paparazzi has decided to undertake it strike of hunger and thirst, asking to be able to speak with the president of the Supervisory Court, Giovanna Di Rosa: “They will not bend him, if he believes he has suffered an injustice he is capable of letting himself die”, he told Fanpage.it today its legal historian, Ivano Chiesa. Who then also added: “The judges, like many other people, are prisoners of the stereotype of Fabrizio Corona of 14 years ago. His latest crime was committed in 2007. Since then he is another person”.


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