If the BJP wins 10 constituencies, the rule will be: Ramadan speech

Puducherry: ‘In Puducherry, the first signature of the BJP when it came to power was to close liquor stores,’ said the party’s founder Ramdas.

Speaking at a meeting of the BJP state general body in Pondicherry yesterday, party founder Ramdas said: “I campaigned from street to house and house to house in Pondicherry. Yet we do not like the regime. Someone is enjoying the benefits. In Puducherry 8, in Karaikal 2, 10 MLAs and one MP will win. We can hold on to power in Pondicherry. The BJP must come to power if it is to pass the 7 resolutions of this General Assembly. No policy is required if the party is present.

The policy is to change religion from one party to the next or to the party in power. But the policy of the BJP is to provide for the nations of the world. This should be taken to the people. Today the youth are being degraded by cannabis. Cannabis is worse than alcohol. It is not enough to make a resolution to abolish it. We have to hold a protest every month to speed up the police in the task of eradicating cannabis.

I will come too if needed. People do not hesitate to fight the problem. If we come to power, the first signature will be the closure of liquor stores. Today Zimmer Hospital is in dire straits without adequate medication.

To get rid of alcohol, you can only get rid of it by voting for the BJP. If we win 10 constituencies in Pondicherry, we will hold on to power. Once in power, with the current resolutions, we will implement the welfare schemes required by the people within a month. We will make Puducherry state-owned. This needs the support of the people. There is no point in driving the converter, the converter. Realize it and drive to the BJP. If you bring change, we will make progress.Thus he spoke.

For election victory

Three executives, including Ramdas, the party’s founder, and state deputy organizer Vadivelu, who spoke at the BJP-PAC general assembly, who saw Josiah, asked me about the election. I told them to go and see the famous Josiah in Salem. They, too, went to Salem as I had said and saw Josiah. When he saw them, he sent only 10, 1. They do not understand anything. An MP has also said that it is for the BJP. According to Josier, it is enough to win 2 constituencies in Karaikal and 8 constituencies in Pondicherry. 6 people will come automatically for the majority. ‘


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