If there is no peace in the world we are all failures

The cry of children, men and women wounded by war is a prayer to God the Father – Pope Francis

Christopher Francis: The Vatican

“If there is no peace in the world, we are all failures,” Pope Francis said in his foreword to a forthcoming book titled “Peace in Ukraine.”

This is what he wrote in the preface to the book prepared by Francesco Grana, entitled “An Epistle to Peace in Ukraine”, which summarizes all the calls made by Pope Francis to end the war in Ukraine.

Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano published the Pope’s commentary on the book on December 5. Also, it has been announced that this Tuesday, December 06, at six o’clock Urom time, the group led by Archbishop Reno Fisichella, head of the New Way Evangelization Ministry, will publish this book.

Thanking the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano for publishing his essay, the Pope called for peace saying that if there is peace in the world, we are all losers of war.

Anticipation from a Christian Perspective

“I have never seen the Lord begin an innovation without finishing it,” the Pope wrote, having read the famous Italian novel “The Engagement” written by Alessandro Manzoni I many times and meditating on it for a long time, as we approach the Jubilee year 2025, based on this thought, to dedicate the award of that year to the theological virtue of the return journeys of anticipation. He also said that he likes.

Former Pope Benedict XVI, in his amazing sermon on the perspective given to us, the Pope said that what he has written about redemption based on Christian faith, provides a reliable perspective, and in that sense we can accept them and live even in the depression of this time.

As Christians, we should not look down on people, but fix our eyes on Christ, who compassionately searched for the lost, and this should always be His vision, the Pope asked in his speech.

War dishonors God’s name

A war has started in Ukraine during the period of recovery from the Great Pandemic, can we confidently talk about a righteous war, a holy war at this time? The Pope, who has raised the question, emphasized that it is our duty as the people who proclaim the risen Christ to raise a cry about the truth of faith.

The Pope said that God is a God of peace, love and hope, and as the Son of God taught, he needs us all as brothers, all wars dishonor God’s most holy name, and we dishonor his name even more when we use his name to justify unspeakable carnage.

War is a loss for all

The cry of all children, men and women wounded by war is a plea to God the Father, how many hardships we have faced even when no one is involved in any war, war is the only path that leads to death, it deceives some who think they are the victors, but one thing is true, we are all war. We are being defeated, so Pope Francis is asking everyone to be involved in bringing peace.


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