«If two like us», the new novel by Micaela Miljian Savoldelli set in Florence

She may also be from Bergamo, but she says she was born in Florence. Not only does he say it, but he writes it in the final thanks of “If two like us”, the book published by Vallardi editore che Micaela Miljian Savoldelli he wrote “during the lockdown because I felt that this story is ripe”. The social media audience knows the author – former creative director and entrepreneur – for her Instagram profile: @likemiljan. Her page has 140 thousand followers for a virtual space in which Micaela tells with photos – very often those of her life partner Julien – her life and her long journey around the world in three years. To then settle in Bali, where “I wrote the novel: I went out early in the morning and went in front of a paddy field, full of notes”.

The book, it was said. Next Monday the author will be at Feltrinelli Red in Florence (in Piazza della Repubblica) starting at 6pm to sign copies of her novel which is set, in large part, right in the Tuscan capital. “I arrived in 2009 from Bergamo to Florence with 100 euros in my pocket – says Micaela – This book has an autobiographical inspiration”. The novel’s protagonist is called Selvaggia, she attends the University and pays for the rented house by working in a shop in the Santa Maria Novella station underpass: she offers underwear to the public. But she is a restless and full of life girl who meets love: whether it is a chance or a destiny is a variant that always remains open in the book. From then on, Selvaggia and her partner will travel the world, just as it happened in reality to Micaela and Julien. In the novel there is a Florence that is not that of the Florentines, even if some of the most evocative corners are told. “I believe that there is no city that can be told but I think that we create our city – explains Micaela – Florence is my birthplace. Piazza Santa Croce is a magical place. My first two children were born on these streets. I told about my places in Florence, the totemic ones ». In the book there is also a male voice accompanying the reader. «I wrote it, taking as a cue the words of my partner. Sometimes I also recorded it – says the author – I wanted the male voice to be as authentic as possible ». Waiting to understand if the ideas whirling in her head will lead her to another book, Micaela claims «this novel had been brewing for some time. They had already asked me in 2017 but I felt I had not finished my journey. Then once I arrived in Bali, the words found their place and I started writing, even 12 hours a day. Because writing requires discipline ». His Instagram page is followed. “It may seem strange but it was a mystery to me too. However, I believe that having recounted our journey around the world with a double narrative – that of mine and that of my partner – has brought together many people who follow me with affection ». The book is something different, explains the author. Who speaks on the phone with extreme vivacity and absolute determination. To see it live, the appointment is for next Monday. Always keeping in mind the rules of social distancing.

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