“If we are not hosted in Doha, Sakhnin players will move to play in the Palestinian League”

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Doha Stadium is facing closure, after a number of safety deficiencies and failures were found and the people of Sakhnin do not intend to sit idly by. Immediately after the decision of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the club’s owners from the sector, Muhammad Abu Yunis, threatened the dissolution and transfer of players to the Palestinian League.

“If they close Doha for us, we will not appear to play against Hapoel Hadera,” he declared Abu Yunis In a rage. “We will leave the league, release players and let the control restore our security, we will disintegrate and our players will move to play in the Palestinian league.”

“People are not happy that Sakhnin is successful,” Abu Yunis added, explaining: “Three days before the game against Betar, representatives of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor came and approved the stand in question. The stadium contains 7,500 seats, there were only 7,000 in the game when we sold 5,700 tickets. The police and the police entered 700 that were densely populated without tickets. It was the police who opened the bleachers. There was no rush in the stands, so that is nonsense. “

In Sakhnin there is a feeling that the police and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor are joining forces against the club and Abu Yunis, as a result of his remarks, is very upset. However, police officials gave a different version of the decision Apart from that, it was alleged that Sakhnin did not give the intelligence information to the police and therefore the police had to make decisions on the spot.


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