If you also want to do shopping in this festive season, then follow these tips Shopping Tips: Choose the right offer; Save your money!

Amazon and Flipkart have launched sales on Ayudha Puja, Vijayadashami Puja and Diwali. They are announcing additional discounts on all products including electronics and running attractive promotions. The next Great Indian Festive Sale on Amazon is about to start soon. Although the date has not been announced, updates regarding the discount have been leaked.

Up to 70 percent discount on kitchen items and up to 40 percent discount on smartphones will be given to customers. Like Amazon, Flipkart has also announced Big Billion Days sale. But there is something that customers should note here. As the offer is announced for all the products, it is better to choose which products to buy, which are the valid offer, which products have extra offer etc. and buy the products you need. If you don’t want to get confused, use the tips below to help you.

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Prime Membership

Start a Prime membership account if you want to buy from Amazon. Because Prime members get access to deals a day earlier than regular customers. This is especially useful when money is scarce and demand for the product is high. In addition to the sale, a Prime member gets free access to Prime Video and Amazon Music. Members can download free books on Kindle.

Track Prices:

Prices of Flipkart and Amazon products vary constantly. In such a situation, there are some sites that can help you. However, Amazon Desktop doesn’t work with all extensions. In such a case, you need to go to outside sites to check the deals. You can check out BuyHatke and Keepa. These sites will give you an idea of ​​deals for a week or a month.

Save card details:

During any sale, items like the iPhone go out of stock very fast. In such a scenario, along with creating a wishlist, users should also save card details called wishlist for quick checkout.

Don’t make a blockbuster offer

You must have seen several categories like ‘PM8 Deals’ and Blockbuster Deals on Amazon or Flipkart sales many times. Keep in mind that these deals run out of stock quickly. Don’t focus on blockbuster offers just because your favorite product is on it.

App update

Users should remember that while shopping from the app, they need to update it to the latest version. Also, update details like address. Similarly, check for exchange options and no-cost EMI policy.

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