If you are a content creator, you should pay attention.. Tik Tok is introducing a special feature for its users

If you are a content creator, you should pay attention.. Tik Tok is introducing a special feature for its users

New update Inc. is preparing Tik Tok To put it in the coming weeks changes the perspective of individuals using the application upside down, after the company announced last February its intention to launch a button that allows users to follow channels as well as content that matches their preferences instead of surrendering to the videos that the For You page displays to individuals when using the application directly It does not correspond to their aspirations.

New update on Tik Tok

According to what was mentioned on theverge website, the new feature allows the user to deal with the application in its new form, that is, the application algorithm will return as if the user opened an account Tik Tok Recently, then a different set of content will appear in front of him, and as soon as he starts interacting with the content he prefers, the TikTok algorithm will automatically make recommendations for the type of content and thus this feature will help him receive the preferred content only and move away from other inappropriate content and avoid appearing randomly.

The new recommendations system, which is scheduled to be introduced globally to users in the coming weeks, depends on dealing with user interaction within the application, whether through comments or calculating the viewing period, in order to provide relevant suggestions. In turn, the new feature will help users change everything they see in a smooth way by retraining the algorithm again. .

Content creators are in crisis

It is worth noting that the new feature can serve as a double-edged sword for content makers, as it will completely eliminate the idea of ​​spreading videos that carry the same content, especially with its spread in the recent period and users sharing content on the same topic without using the element of innovation and creativity, according to a report by the newspaper “The Wall”. Street”, it turns out that the most viral videos revolve around only two topics weight loss and emotional eating disease.

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Currently, new content has spread under the title GRWM, or Get Ready With Me, among the content makers on the TikTok application without presenting a new idea to users, and therefore the new feature will change this concept completely because the recipient can now block this type of content, in addition to that it will automatically reduce the chances of The appearance of more than one video with the same content.

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