If you don’t pay, Twitter will remove your verified account in a few days

If you don’t pay, Twitter will remove your verified account in a few days

Twitter has announced that as of April 1, it will begin to remove the blue checkmarks from all users who do not pay for the Twitter Blue subscription service. This has been announced by the platform in a tweet in which, in addition, it points out that organizations that want to maintain the ‘tic’ must request it by filling out a form.

Before the purchase of Twitter by its current owner, Elon Muskthe platform had a verification system that granted the moderation mark to the accounts belonging to famous people or institutions so that the user could verify that they were true. He also did it for free..

With the arrival of the tycoon to the property of the social network, this verification system was modified to distinguish the different accounts of the social network with colors. Then, he announced that companies would have a gold brand, government accounts a gray one, and the rest of the users a blue one.

Thereafter, accounts bearing a blue badge either belonged to users with an active Twitter Blue subscription – and therefore met the new eligibility criteria – or were pre-implementation verified accounts. of this color system and based on the verification criteria that were then in force.

Twitter Blue has been available in Spain for just over a month and offers a monthly plan that costs 8 euros per month or an annual plan that reduces the payment to 7 euros per month, in the desktop version. The mobile version, on the other hand, has a cost of 12 euros per month due to the fees that must be paid to Apple and Google.

Since the arrival of Musk, the advertising business of the ‘app’, the most important it has ever had, is in the doldrums. The social network aims to rely on subscriptions to Blue to improve its economic results.


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