If you have these symptoms, you are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency

The Observer newspaper: The world’s first genetic research from the University of South Australia has shown a direct link between low levels of vitamin D and high levels of inflammation, providing an important biomarker to identify people at risk of developing chronic diseases with an inflammatory component or their severity, according to what was published. Neuroscience News website.

The study examined genetic data from 294,970 UK Biobank participants to show an association between levels of vitamin D-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation.

Study lead author Dr. Ang Zhou says the findings suggest that increasing vitamin D in people with a deficiency can reduce chronic inflammation, explaining that “inflammation is the body’s way of protecting tissues if they are injured or infected.”

“The liver produces high levels of C-reactive protein in response to inflammation, so when the body has chronic inflammation, it also shows higher levels of C-reactive protein,” he explains.

The researchers examined vitamin D and C-reactive proteins and found a one-way relationship between low levels of vitamin D and high levels of C-reactive protein, indicating the presence of inflammation.

The study also raises the possibility that adequate concentrations of vitamin D in the body can mitigate complications arising from obesity and reduce the risk or severity of chronic diseases with an inflammatory component, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disease.


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