If you receive this SMS, they are trying to steal 50 euros from you

The Internet User Security Office (OSI), dependent on the National Cybersecurity Institute (Incibe), has warned about a new campaign of cyber scams by SMS in which cybercriminals try to trick the user by claiming that they are subscribed to a streaming game service that has a price of 50 euros weekly.

The message, signed by an alleged company called Yorgames, includes a link to cancel the alleged subscription. In case of accessing and following the process, the fraud materializes and money is charged to the victim’s account.

“Important, it is not ruled out that SMS with similar characteristics can be received with different names, types of services and subscription amounts, therefore, we must be vigilant in this regard if we receive messages with the same characteristics,” they warn from OSI.

The institution warns that, unlike similar campaigns, in this case cybercriminals address the user directly by name real, which makes it much more difficult to detect that it is a scam. This data, as indicated, could have been extracted from some leak of different online services.

In the case of accessing the link that accompanies the SMS, the user is redirected to a fraudulent website where their name, telephone number and the amount of the subscription will be indicated, as well as the option to cancel it through a button included in the part lower.

“If you try to cancel the subscription, the user will be redirected to the application payment system configured on your device (Google Pay or Apple Pay) and if you continue, you will not be canceling the subscription, but actually making the payment,” they warn from OR IF.

As in so many other cases, cybersecurity experts recommend do not share data with unknown platforms. In case of doubt, the best thing to do is review the bank’s movements to see if there have been any recent changes that are out of the ordinary.


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