Ilayaraja complains about Vijay Sethupathi film crew || Ilayaraja complains about Vijay Sethupathi film crew

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Composer Ilayaraja has complained about the new film currently being made starring Vijay Sethupathi.

Record: December 02, 2021 22:57

Manikandan made his directorial debut with Kakka Muttai. The film won a national award. He later directed the films Crime and Punishment and Lord Command. He is currently directing the film The Last Farmer. The film stars Nalandi as the protagonist and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead role.

It is said that the film crew and Ilayaraja had a disagreement while Ilayaraja was composing the music for the last farmer film. Thus Ilayaraja removed the music from the film and finished the film with Santosh Narayanan composing the music.

It is said that Ilayaraja was not informed about this. The crew has released the trailer as the film is coming to the screen soon. Ilayaraja was shocked to learn that his music had been removed from the trailer. Ilayaraja has complained to the Musicians’ Association that it was wrong to remove the music without his permission and to have another composer compose the music for the film. It has caused a stir in the film world.

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