The French tlc group Iliad has acquired a stake of approximately 12% of the share capital of Unieuro, the Italian brand active in the distribution of consumer electronics and household appliances. The 12% share package acquired through purchases on the market, with an outlay of approximately 50 million euros. At the close of Borsa Unieuro it capitalized 440 million euros and the price of the securities at the highest (21.7 euros) since the listing in spring 2017 (11 euros the placement price).
After two years of collaboration between the two companies in the distribution of the operator’s Sims through the Simboxes located in 200 of the 500 Unieuro points of sale, and while it is preparing to enter the fixed network market, Iliad explains in a note that he has decided to invest in Unieuro’s capital to accompany it on its path of growth and innovation.
We appreciate the Unieuro team and share fundamental values ​​with them: a constant desire to innovate, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a real attention to the quality of the relationship with users and consumers, says Benedetto Levi, CEO of Iliad Italia.

A growing group

The operation was completed through Iliad Holding spa and Iliad sa. Iliad and Unieuro – continues the note – are two Italian companies in strong growth, appreciated by Italians, and have supported millions of people in the last year by offering them a quality service to stay connected during the health crisis. Unieuro the Italian leader in its sector, and has recently announced a new revenue record for the fifth consecutive year since its launch on the Stock Exchange, concludes the note.

Positive reaction

Unieuro acknowledged the purchase of a stake equal to approximately 12% of the share capital by Iliad. The entry of a new and prestigious shareholder, who declared his intention to accompany the company in its long-term growth and with whom we already have a successful commercial relationship, further evidence of the market’s interest in Unieuro reads in a note from the Forl company that welcomes iliad Italia confirming its determination to continue the path of creating value for the benefit of all shareholders.

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