Iliaria Capua against no vax: “Do they refuse the vaccine? Pay for the bed”

Iliaria Capua, director of the UF One Health Center, launches the proposal to make those who refuse the Covid vaccine pay for the place in the hospital. There is also talk of 2,000 euros per day

The vaccination campaign in Italy continues to thrive, even if there is still a small part of the population that refuses to undergo the treatment. France, to encourage vaccinations, has decided to extend the use of the Green Pass to many daily activities (a similar proposal has also been made in Italy) while Iliaria Capua, director of the UF One Health Center of the University of Florida, thought to something different: charging a ticket to the no vax who refuse the Covid vaccine in case of hospitalization.

Ilaria Capua against no vax: “Do you refuse the Covid vaccine? They could pay for the place in the hospital up to 2,000 euros a day”

“To non-vaccinated by choice, or those who refuse to take a public health measure necessary to keep the emergency under control, and consequently an essential tool to keep the national health system in balance – writes the doctor in her contribution on pages of Il Corriere della Sera – one could imagine proposing a small deductible, not to mention a ticket, in the event of a Covid hospitalization that would at least cover the ‘non-health’ costs of the hospital: bed, linen, canteen, cleaning service , utilities “.

“In exchange for the freedom to choose whether to get vaccinated or not – continues Capua -, you could ask for a small contribution compared to the total cost of hospitalization in intensive care. It would be only 1,000-2,000 euros per day. Yes, per day. the rest, that is the costs of nurses, doctors, medicines and other necessary for the treatment, would be excluded from the calculation because the state passes them to us.


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