Ilva, Giorgetti’s doubts about the Indians: 400 million to understand their intentions

Doubts of Giorgetti onreliability of ArcelorMittal. While for the release of the 400 million of Invitalia intended for investment in joint venture between Invitalia and the Indian steel giant for the management of the former Ilva is only one question of “authorizations by the State Attorney”, therefore of days, the the government is not convinced that for the relaunch of the Tarantino iron and steel center, even in the new era ofgreen steel, Arcelor Mittal is the right interlocutor.

This was revealed by the general secretary of Fiom Francesca Re David at the end of the meeting at the Mise with the minister Giancarlo Giorgetti that, according to the number one of the metalworkers of Corso d’Italia, “he is neither convinced of the business plan“, Drawn at the end of 2020 at the initials of the co-investment signature,”nor of the real intentions of the Mittal group”.

The Government now, always explained the number one of Fiom, “will put the 400 million” of the first phase of the co-investment plan for the 50% of the capital (another 200 million in 2022 to rise in majority to 60%) “to save the work and related activities at this stage“. “But he will do it – added King David – also to have three members on the board of directors and closely study ArcelorMittal’s real intentions in Italy”.

At the exit of the Mise, the Secretary General Fiom Francesca Re David reveals the government’s plan on the former Ilva

Since 2018, four ministers have changed and the plan for the former Ilva has started from scratch. The resolution of the crisis and the relaunch of the steel group are therefore still returning to the high seas and to navigate on sight.



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