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TORINO – Eitan Moshe Biran and Mattia Zorloni they were the same age, 5 years old and were looking forward to being 6 with the arrival of summer, a month away from each other. When the cable car crashed, they were with their families and they didn’t even have time to realize what was happening. They didn’t know each other, but in an instant their destinies crossed. Their parents died instantly, like Tom, Eitan’s little brother, trapped in the tangle of metal sheets on the steep slope of the climb from Stresa to Mottarone. The two children, on the other hand, were thrown out and landed on the grass, a few meters away. When the mountain rescue technicians reached them they were still breathing, but it was immediately clear that Mattia’s condition was desperate. From that moment a race against time began to take them downstream and load them on two air ambulances departing from Alessandria and Borgo Sesia.

The first to reach the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital Eitan was in Turin, shortly after 2 pm. And twenty minutes later Mattia also arrived, aboard an ambulance that transported him from the Oval Lingotto runway to the emergency room entrance. They had no documents, no one could stand by them and on the first report they were registered as unknown patients. Mattia’s condition worsened immediately and the little one was revived for six minutes before his heart started beating again, but he never regained consciousness. He underwent a CT scan to check for brain damage, but to complicate his clinical picture there were trauma to the skull and chest, as well as a double fracture to the legs. Surgery in those conditions was impossible and doctors intubated him and put him for observation.

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In the operating roomInstead, Eitan entered, but first it was necessary to sedate him. He was scared, he was screaming, he was crying, he didn’t want to be touched. Leave me alone, I’m afraid. These were the only words spoken by the little boy, born in Israel, who has lived in Pavia for four years. He too had fractured both legs, as well as head and abdomen trauma. Prognosis reserved for both, vital parameters constantly monitored, but at 7.20 pm the destinies of Eitan and Mattia were irretrievably divided. Despite the enormous efforts made – explained Fabrizio Gennari, director of the pediatric surgery facility and the general director of the City of Health Giovanni La Valle – Mattia died following a cardiac arrest.

Mattia, born in Tradate, lived in Vedano Olona, in the province of Varese, together with his mother Elisabetta Persanini, 37, and his father Vittorio Zorloni, 54. On 9 August he would have celebrated his birthday, one month after that of Eitan, who remains the only survivor of the tragedy of Mottarone . Amit Biran, 30, the father of the Israeli boy, had moved to Italy to complete his medical studies. To make up for it, he worked for the safety of the Jewish community in Milan and together with him his wife Tal Peleg, 27 years old, also arrived in Pavia, and in the same city, Tomer, called Tom, just 2 years old, was also born in the same city, the latest arrival of the family. . With the three of them, the great-grandparents of the little survivor also died in the crash. Last night an aunt went to Turin to be close to her nephew. Shortly after 10 pm Mattia left the operating room, his conditions last night were stationary, with the prospect of a new CT scan to rule out further complications. The prognosis remained confidential.

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This is a huge tragedy which follows other mournful events, including the war, which in recent times have been affecting Israeli citizens – commented Stefano Disegni, president of the Turin Jewish community – We will try to provide maximum assistance to the child’s family and we will pray for him so that we can to save. Our closeness goes to all the victims of this terrible misfortune.

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