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Sunitha was once the favorite actress of Malayalam cinema. Apart from Malayalam, the actor has acted in films in all the languages ​​of South India. The actress made her film debut in 1986 with a Tamil film. Sunitha has appeared as the heroine and sister of many Malayalam films.

The actress, who left the film industry completely after her marriage, has now expressed her desire to return. The actor’s interview with the media is noteworthy. The actor is talking about his return to cinema.
These were the words of Sunita.I’m still looking forward to coming to the movies. I was a disciple of Padma Shri Rama Pillai. When his father moved to Madurai, he learned dance from Mash’s house. So I studied dance for three years. It was at that time that the famous Tamil producer and director Muktha Sreenivasan came to the dance school. He wanted a heroine who knew what that meant for his film. So Mash suggests me. That is how I made my debut in Tamil cinema.

The name was changed for the movie. The name was Vidya. The character had the same name. When he came to cinema, he continued his studies. But then and now dance is what bothers me the most, ”says the actress. She last acted in the movie Kaliveedu. After that she marries Raj. I knew I could not continue acting when I came to America. Sunita says the rush has increased with the opening of the dance school. The actor says that he still wants to return to cinema and will definitely come back if he gets better roles.

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