“I’m rotting, get me out of here”

Esther Toito, the Israeli from Netanya who has been detained for about five months in the central prison in the Moroccan capital Rabat following an extradition request by the law enforcement authorities in France due to alleged suspicion of her involvement in a 300,000 euro sting, is begging to be returned home.

“They are keeping me in prison for five months in harsh conditions for something I didn’t do at all. I didn’t cheat or sting anyone. I rot in prison. I want to go back to my family, to my children. This is no place for me,” Toito said in a conversation this week with her husband Shmuel. “It’s been 45 days since the request to extradite me to France and I should be released. I’m being held here against the law.”

In a recording of a conversation yesterday with her husband, she talked about her difficult mental state and her feelings and her helplessness and especially the despair that is taking over her from the possibility that she will be released.

“I can’t do it anymore,” Toito said in tears. “I don’t have the strength anymore. I’ve been here for five months, just like that. Why doesn’t God help me? The holidays have passed and Yom Kippur and I’m still here.”

As we first revealed in Mako, Esther and her husband Shmuel flew to Morocco about five months ago to celebrate the wedding of the son of a couple of their close friends. At the airport, the police asked Tuito to accompany them on the grounds that there was an arrest warrant against the law enforcement authorities in France.

“We were shocked. My wife is not a criminal. We thought it was a mistake and in a few minutes she would be released,” repeated the husband Shmuel, “but when it didn’t happen we realized that it was a real arrest without us being told exactly what she was arrested for and why.”

Her family members discovered that Toito was sentenced to two years in prison over 12 years ago in her absence. She immigrated to Israel about 20 years ago and he never received any summons to trial from the French authorities or a request for an extradition order against her.

Her husband hired a local attorney who recently sent a letter to the Moroccan Minister of Justice demanding that Tuito be released to house arrest in a hotel or apartment until the suspicions against his wife are clarified and not to keep her in custody for no wrongdoing. Currently, the authorities in Morocco are reviewing Tuito’s request but have not yet decided on it.

Attorney Mordechai Tzibin, who specializes in international law and has voluntarily represented many Israelis around the world who have been involved in serious cases and helped free them, was appointed by Toito’s family members to represent her before the authorities in France and Morocco.

Attorney Tsybin said that he has full confidence in the enforcement authorities in Morocco and the state of rights in the country which is no less than in the European Union. That Morocco will release my client and allow her to leave the country,” noted Attorney Tsybin. “This is also the reason for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since it is not a legal matter, this is also the opinion of a political official handling the case. There were legal cases like with Naama Issachar and others where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did intervene on behalf of Israelis who were detained abroad.”


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