I’m sorry, what? Politician Barley on inflation: Simply use less energy! – Domestic policy

This statement seems more than unworldly!

The SPD politician and EU Vice President Katarina Barley (52) surprised everyone with a bold statement on “Hart aber fair” (ARD). On Monday evening she discussed the subject of inflation and energy prices.

Refueling, heating and groceries have become significantly more expensive – that also gave a viewer a nasty feeling. Barley offered him a bold tip: “The kilowatt-hour that I don’t use is the cheapest.”

What the politician apparently wanted to say: It is our own fault if we get bills that are too high! Just turn off the heating and switch off the lights to supposedly save money on the bottom line?

Is Barley really serious?

Apparently! Because the top politician followed suit and recommended that, among other things, new windows could be installed in order to reduce one’s own energy requirements.

To put it plainly: Consumers who are already groaning under the massive increase in the cost of living would then have to invest thousands of euros …

“Anyone who accepts this has lost touch with the ground”

Union parliamentary group Vice Thorsten Frei (48) to BILD: “People have well-founded concerns about rising energy prices. Anyone who answers these worries with a call for more thrift is treated with derogatory and contemptuous terms. Ms. Barley seems to believe that people heat out the window and still have considerable potential for savings. Anyone who accepts this has lost touch with the ground. “

Explosive: Politicians themselves are to blame for the exploding inflation – and even cash in on it. Supermarket, gas station, energy company – prices are rising everywhere. But the politicians do nothing!

“That is a great hypocrisy that we see there,” says BILD Political Director Jan Schäfer at BILD LIVE.

Background: In September, inflation reached 4.1 percent, its highest level in 28 years. And: In view of rising energy prices, Commerzbank is even anticipating a further rise in inflation in the coming months. “If energy continues to become more expensive, inflation could rise to five percent in November,” said Commerzbank chief economist Jörg Krämer to BILD.



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