Immigration: between Darmanin and LR, outstretched hands struggling to find each other

Immigration: between Darmanin and LR, outstretched hands struggling to find each other

2023-05-28 18:31:11

This is the story of two outstretched hands that are seriously struggling to find each other. On the one hand, the Republicans who launched their offensive on immigration last week by drawing two bills. And throw a “chick” of challenge to Emmanuel Macron, inviting him to take up their ideas… On the other, that of the government with the response of the Minister of the Interior, “chiche, let’s work together! “, this Sunday, in Le Parisien. So bank? We are still far from a political agreement.

In his interview, the Beauvau tenant cajoles his former political family, praising the ideas put forward by the trio Éric Ciotti, Olivier Marleix and Bruno Retailleau. Tenors to whom he took care to pass his interview just before its publication and to exchange in stride to agree on an appointment.

“There are many proposals on which we agree. Others where it will not be possible, ”warns Darmanin nevertheless. Yes to the conditioning of visas, why not to the establishment of annual immigration quotas. Niet to any constitutional reform and the possibility for France to derogate from certain international commitments, vis-à-vis the European court of human rights. Which, according to LR, takes decisions that dispossess France of its migration management. “There will be no agreement at any price. Everyone must take a step”, warns Gérald Darmanin, who does not, however, completely close the door to a referendum.

On the form, the right welcomes the dialogue. Basically, less. “We are open to discussion. There may be a way out to be found together, provided you have a useful text, and don’t make at the same time “, confides to us the leader of the LR senators, Bruno Retailleau. However, as it stands: “Gérald Darmanin’s text will not change anything. »

“Slogans” rather than “effective responses” according to Borne

The creation of a residence permit for immigrant workers who have been present in the territory for several years is a red line for LR, who believes that this would create a new channel of illegal immigration. Some time ago, the boss of the National Assembly’s Law Commission, Sacha Houlié, one of the supporters of the Macronist left wing, didn’t he go to see Bruno Retailleau to tell him that the Assembly never not validate all the proposals of the right? Red line against red line.

This Sunday morning on Radio J, Elisabeth Borne lamented that the right offers “slogans” rather than “effective responses”. Not enough to oil the wheels. “For the moment, I note totally contradictory messages between Élisabeth Borne and Gérald Darmanin”, deplores the boss of LR, Éric Ciotti, who says he is “determined to bring to fruition” the proposals formulated by the right. The elected representative from Nice is satisfied with having “brought the government out of immobility”, while the examination of an Immigration bill has been postponed several times since last September.

“If they don’t want to work with us, if they do politics, then it’s no longer a government party, but a thought club”, we tackle in Beauvau, the hand however still tense. If the Minister of the Interior hopes to pass a text on immigration in the fall, the right will, according to our information, file its first bill on the subject this Tuesday. The hands remain tense, that does not prevent continuing the arm wrestling.

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