Immigration, driving under narcotics, RN… What to remember from the interview with Elisabeth Borne

Immigration, driving under narcotics, RN… What to remember from the interview with Elisabeth Borne

2023-05-28 08:16:44

Many topics were covered. In an interview with Radio J – which will be broadcast this Sunday morning but the content of which has already been revealed – the Prime Minister returned to the burning bill on immigration, now at the top of the priority pile of the government after being postponed for a while. She also raised the issue of France’s debt, a few days before the rating by the financial agency Standard and Poor’s.

Among the topics discussed, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, which, according to Elisabeth Borne, has not changed and is still an “heir of Pétain”. “I think you shouldn’t trivialize your ideas, your ideas are always the same (…). I think that a change of name does not change the ideas, the roots”, she retorted, criticizing the fact that the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen had never denounced “what could have been the historical positions of his party”.

In this context, the Prime Minister also mentioned the position of the RN on Russia and the Ukrainian conflict, denouncing an “obvious proximity” with Vladimir Putin. Proximity that she also criticizes part of the far left.

However, Elisabeth Borne does not put “no equal sign” between the RN and LFI, she assured. “I say that the most dangerous, that the ideology which is fundamentally dangerous, is that of the extreme right”, she concluded, not ruling out the risk of a victory for Marine Le Pen in 2027.

  • Towards tougher penalties for drug driving

Elisabeth Borne was also questioned on the question of driving under narcotics, who has been in the news in recent months. The head of government assured that she would convene an “interministerial road safety committee” by July. ” Sanctions (…) must undoubtedly be reinforced for those who drive under the influence of narcotics,” she said.

This fight will also go through an increase in controls, the objective being set at “one million” against 800,000 in 2022. But also, perhaps, by a change of law. Élisabeth Borne recalled that the Ministers of Justice and of the Interior were currently “looking at” the possibility of creating a road homicide offenseknowing that currently the acts of drivers under the influence of drugs having caused the death of a person fall within the scope of “manslaughter”.

  • Exchanges on the debt of France

Another subject at the heart of the discussions – and of the news, since the financial agency Standard and Poor’s will issue its rating in early June for France: the debt. “I think that we are carrying out reforms, we recently presented a trajectory of our finances until 2027 in which we want, as the President of the Republic had undertaken to do, to reduce our deficit to 2.7% (of GDP) in 2027,” she argued. “We also have the commitment in this trajectory to lower our debt”, assured the Prime Minister, explaining that the Minister of the Economy had launched “very close discussions” with the financial agency.

  • The place of the EU on immigration

Is this a way to regain control over the subject? Elisabeth Borne considered that, on the question of immigration, decisions should be made within a “European” framework. A clear way to respond to the comments of certain Republicans, who wish include in the Constitution the possibility of derogating from European law when “the fundamental interests of the nation” are at stake.

The right intends to show the muscles with two very firm proposals of law on immigration, to engage the standoff with the government which launched consultations on this subject. LR parliamentarians have already tabled a constitutional bill in the Assembly and the Senate.

“There are difficulties that the French may experience who expect effective responses rather than slogans, constitutional reforms”, commented the Prime Minister, recalling having “asked Gérald Darmanin (…) to carry out consultations on the basis of proposals that have been made by the government”, and saying that it is ready to discuss “with the other parliamentary groups which share the concern and the desire to improve the situation on these migratory issues”.

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