Immigration will increase and Europe cannot cope with it. The warning of the Algerian writer Sensal – Europe is in decline and is unable to control immigration, which is destined to increase, nor to cope with Islamism, which is becoming increasingly stronger. This is the picture drawn by Algerian writer Boualem Sansal, critical of the old continent which has disappointed the African peoples.

“Seen from the outside – says Sansal in an interview with La Stampa – Europe appears to be in rapid decline. It is no longer the power it was until the ’60s “. Now “the center of gravity of power has shifted, new actors have emerged exerting strong pressure, today economic, tomorrow political” such as “the BRICS countries, Turkey, Iran, the Arab world that will eventually emerge from the current crisis and it will revive Nasser’s pan-Arab project ”.

“But the most serious threat – says the writer – it is Islamism which, radicalized or moderate, has been strengthening day by day for thirty years. Europe is absolutely incapable of beating it “, also because” Islamism is a pandemic ideology against which there is no vaccine. Immigration is not the heart of the problem, it is an aggravating factor among others, communitarianism, delinquency in the peripheries, the permissiveness of European society, the murky games of the left ”.

Sansal predicts that “immigration will increase and no one will be able to control it. Europe’s inability to protect itself is proof of its failure. To prevail, it should help the African and Maghreb peoples to get rid of their dictators, as it did during the Cold War by supporting the peoples of Central Europe against the Communist dictatorship, who are now free and no longer dream of emigrating to the West.

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Instead, using Arab and African despots to control their external borders, Europe has disappointed the peoples of the south who then, when they finally manage to arrive, make them pay for it “.



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