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The wait for Priyadarshan’s Mohanlal movie Marakkar was longer than usual. The release had to be postponed twice because of Kovid. That is, it took about two more years for the film to reach the audience. Meanwhile, the national award for the film has raised expectations. The problem was that when Kovid calmed down a bit, he could not reach an agreement with the theater people. The movie, which is all set to release on OTD, came to the theaters after much controversy.


Most people have heard of Kunjali Marakkars who died heroically for the country through stories and plays. Priyadarshan’s film is about Kunjali Marakkar IV. The film opens with the childhood moments of Marakkar IV. We know how the youngest member of the Marakkar family, who always fought for the Zamorin, became a robber in the eyes of the authorities. Pranav Mohanlal plays the lead role in these episodes. Kunjali was a god to the poor in the eyes of the Parangis and the rulers. For years, Kunhali’s head was valued but the authorities could not even touch his hair. When the Portuguese are finally threatened, the Zamorin is forced to enlist the help of Kunjali, a magician at sea, to deal with them. The rulers were not ready to make peace with a robber. When Kunhali said that he was ready to fight for the Zamorin if he was given the respect he needed, he did not have to think much. Kunhali fights against an enemy that is more powerful in size and weapon of the army. The end of the first half is a sea war never seen before in Malayalam cinema. Slow storytelling and humorous editing may have bored the audience for so long, but the battle scenes have been made better. These scenes are probably one of the best VFX works in Indian cinema.

The second half is different from the first half, which shows that the main problems of Kunhali are the Portuguese and the feudal lords. The rest of the film is about how the new crisis changes the lives of Kunhali and those who are with him and the subsequent struggles.


Marakkar Arabian Sea Lion won the National Award for Best Picture. But it is no exaggeration to say that the audience asks if this film has that much excellence to claim. Average script and editing are major shortcomings. The pace from one scene to the next is often without flow. This has seriously affected the taste of the film. Many scenes in the second half were experienced without a structure. It can be seen that in many places the director has adopted the method of telling quickly without building up properly. Many scenes go through just as boringly.

Despite its shortcomings, Marakkar is a film that can claim a lot of technical excellence. Frames and VFX deserve special mention. Thiru’s camera work is also excellent.


Mohanlal played the role of Kunjali Marakkar easily. He also excelled in action scenes as the character demanded. Pranav Mohanlal, who portrayed Kunhali’s youth, has also done his part beautifully. The film stars Manju Warrier, Suhasini, Nedumudi Venu, Fazil, Sunil Shetty, Prabhu, Arjun Sarja, Ashok Selvan, Mukesh, Siddique, Innocent, Mamukoya, Keerthisuresh, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Baburaj. Jai J Jakrit played the role of Chinnali.

Awards, Trailer and Promotion Although Marakkar’s Lion of the Arabian Sea was highly anticipated, this film was not to be expected. The film is more about Kunhali’s emotional life journey than the thrilling scenes. Priyadarshan presents the story of that patriotic warrior on the silver screen with his own ingredients. Although many opinions will be raised, there is no doubt that changing expectations will give the audience a not-so-bad experience.



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