“Immune system must be maintained with a healthy lifestyle”

by time news

“The immune system is essential to keep us healthy, but it is up to us to support our immune defenses by adopting a healthy and correct lifestyle. Therefore, follow a diet rich in legumes, cereals, fresh fruit and leafy vegetables to be combined with constant physical activity, 45 minutes a day three times a week. I often have to deal with patients suffering from fatty liver, a very common disease in Italy as well as in Eastern European countries, and it is proven that the correct lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and 135 minutes a week of physical activity constant and regular for this patient is sufficient to maintain a good state of well-being, as well as an easier therapeutic situation. It is no coincidence that a good lifestyle is also synonymous with a good immune lifestyle “. Thus Antonio Benedetti, president of the Italian Federation of societies for digestive system diseases (Fismad) and director of the gastroenterology clinic of the Riuniti hospitals – Polytechnic University of Marche, spoke on the occasion of the webinar “Stress from a new normal: how to support the system immune in the post-pandemic? ”, organized with the support of Boiron.

The meeting – moderated by Federico Luperi, Director of Innovation and New Media of the time.news Group – was also attended by Ginevra Menghi, specialist in Allergology and clinical immunology, and Vira Carbone, television journalist, author and presenter of Buongiorno Benessere of Rai1. Among the topics covered: what is immunity? How is it built, maintained, controlled? Is there a way to support our defense system?

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The immune system “is modulated in particular by the intestinal bacterial flora, for this reason the role of the gastroenterologist is fundamental”, recalled Benedetti who immediately added: “The excess quantity of some types of bacteria – in particular the so-called sulfur-reducing agents – it has been correlated with an increase in the incidence of colorectal cancer. When we eat red meat too often, or frequently consume french fries and energetically very rich drinks, we favor the increase of sulfur-reducing bacteria which decrease, however, when the our diet contains fresh fruit, legumes, cereals, vegetables. The main rule, therefore, is to avoid the abuse of red meat, fried food, alcohol and sugars “. And on supplements:” They should be taken, but only when the deficiency is demonstrated example of vitamin D, as happens in people of geriatric age “, concludes Benedetti.

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