Immunizations banned from public places: Italian government announces action

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All people should be vaccinated against corona by December 6. In Italy, the government has banned non-vaccinated people from entering public places, including movie theaters, hotels and playgrounds.

Italy was severely affected by the first wave of the Corona. Most people died in Italy from March to October last year due to corona infection. In this case, the corona vaccine came into use at the end of last year. People all over the world are getting these vaccines. Thus corona exposure is greatly reduced.

Most countries survived the much-anticipated 2nd wave of the Corona. The Italian government has announced that all people will need to be vaccinated with two doses, as fears about the next wave of corona persist. Despite the growing awareness of the need for vaccination, some people in Italy are reluctant to get vaccinated. Following this, the Italian government has now imposed strict conditions.

All people must be vaccinated by December 6. We are going to calculate the house, the house. Those who have not been vaccinated with the 2-dose vaccine will not be allowed to enter public places, including movie theaters, hotels, and playgrounds after the 6th.

The country’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi has announced that they will not be allowed to use public transport.

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