IMSS affirms that the universalization of health is possible

IMSS affirms that the universalization of health is possible

2023-05-19 20:00:34

  • The general director of Social Security assured that there will be more IMSS for the population without social security.
  • He mentioned that the promise of achieving universal health in Mexico will be a reality thanks to the collaboration of the IMSS.
  • He pointed out that the goal is to achieve 80 legacies for the next few years, which will reflect that the present period was where the Institute entered its transformation process.

One of the maximum promises of the current authorities is to achieve the universalization of health in Mexico. This is a challenge that has also been attempted in previous administrations but all have failed. In fact, there are very few countries in the world that actually offer free care and medication to everyone.

How will the goal be achieved?

In this sense, since 2022 the general director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, explained that one of the bases to achieve his objective was strengthen the first level of care. He also indicated that one of the keys is to have healthy people in different life processes, from birth to death.

For its part, today it indicated that the foundations to really achieve the universalization of health. He also indicated that the possibility of creating a single health care institution is not far off.

During the Closure of the Fourth North Regional Meetingheld at the San Luis Potosí Convention Center, pointed out that on the Institute’s 80th anniversary the goal of having 80 legacies that reflect a different Social Security for the next eight decades was set.

He said that it was proposed that the legacies of the IMSS be innovative, sustainable, transcendent, with a direct impact on the right, documented and that they can be followed up.

He stressed that it is possible to set such high goals for the fulfillment of the legacies thanks to the great execution capacity of the governing body of Social Security, “it has four former undersecretaries of State, with six former secretaries from different areas, from Health and Finance to state governments, people who have faced electoral processes, legislators, a team with a lot of resolution”.

Improvements that the IMSS has achieved

Zoé Robledo highlighted that there are legacies that are already a reality, such as making efficient the collection and Social Security’s own investments, the digitization of procedures, the compliance opinion through the IMSS Mailbox, a digital ecosystem as a possibility to better serve, the selection process of the heads of the Decentralized Administrative Operation Bodies (OOAD), have 35 ONCOCREAN, programs such as Heart Attack Code, Cancer and Brain, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), among others.

Regarding the Fourth Regional Meeting, he reported that there were more than 547 agreements, with the presence of eight OOAD and five High Specialty Medical Units (UMAE). Zoé Robledo and the entity’s Secretary of Health, Daniel Acosta Díaz de León, representing Governor José Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, signed the document attesting.

The director of Social Security recognized the directors and normative directors because they had a leadership based on a work method and with good results. Various areas of opportunity were analyzed and agreements established for compliance.

In his message, the director of Operation and Evaluation of the IMSS, Javier Guerrero García, said that in this regional meeting, the operation and institutional policy on audit, infrastructure, budget, conservation and personnel issues were deepened.

“The regional meetings have shown that they are an excellent vehicle to advance coordination and collaborative work, we are one IMSS, we are going in the same direction, we are part of the Fourth Transformation and we want to build a better Social Security every day.”

For her part, the head of the Decentralized Administrative Operation Body in San Luis Potosí, María Guadalupe del Rosario Garrido Rojano, highlighted that the work groups were a positive experience and the commitment to continuous improvement in care and greater transparency in all processes.

During the closing of the meeting, the recognition of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was delivered to the UMAE Obstetrics-Gynecology Hospital No. 23 “Ignacio Morones Prieto” of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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