IMSS patient is thrown from a second floor to be treated

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  • The high demand for beneficiaries in public hospitals causes waiting times to be treated to be increasingly longer.
  • An IMSS patient in Tamaulipas starred in a spectacular fall inside a hospital to attract attention and get an immediate operation.
  • The video immediately went viral through social networks, although the authorities announced that there were no serious incidents and even the affected person was already discharged.

One of the biggest criticisms made of the country’s public health is the delay in receiving care. Usually, long periods of time must be waited to enter the office or to be able to undergo surgery in the operating room. Although regardless of the reason, nothing justifies the following story starring a patient of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

In this case, something very important that should be emphasized is that the waiting time is generated by the high demand of patients. During the last decades, the number of beneficiaries has increased exponentially, but it has not been proportional to the construction of hospitals and the opening of places.

In this way, being able to be treated instantly in a public hospital has become a feat that is not always achieved. Usually it is necessary to wait, although the least responsible for this situation are the doctors and nurses. They always do what they can with the resources at their disposal, but the real problem comes from above.

Even in recent years modalities such as mobile applications have been incorporated to schedule appointments online. In this way it is also avoid staying too long in the waiting room to avoid crowds.

Story of a desperate patient

Despite all of the above, a hospitalized patient at IMSS Hospital No. 270 in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, starred in a spectacular situation. According to what was published by the Reforma newspaper, the man’s name is Armando and he had been in the hospital for five days awaiting physical surgery on his shoulder.

In his case, after so many days of waiting, the man asked the medical staff to have an operation so he could return home. Receiving a negative response on multiple occasions, he fell into despair and ultimately took radical action.

Through a video broadcast on social networks you can see that the IMSS patient hung from one of the hospital columns to attract attention. The biggest drawback was that when swinging he didn’t grip hard enough and fell to the ground from about five meters high.

Although the video ends, the IMSS announced that the Institution’s staff immediately approached to help the patient. The first thing was to stabilize him to take him back to his room.

It is also reported that the man did not suffer major problems from the fall and only had minor blows. While he was immediately channeled to be treated for his original shoulder problem and was even discharged from the hospital.

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