In 2021 already more deaths from Covid in the world than in 2020 – In 2021 the number of deaths from Covid has already exceeded that recorded in all of 2020. According to the Wall Street Journal, which analyzed data from Johns Hopkins University, in less than six months the virus killed 1,883,325 people, almost three thousand more than in all of 2020, when the victims were 1,880,510.

At a time when vaccination is progressing in many countries, this indicates the widening gap between the richest nations, able to access vaccines, and the poorest, lagging behind. While the countries of the Western world celebrate the decline in deaths and infections, the pandemic is deepening in Asia and South America.

In Africa, only two per cent of the population has received the vaccine, while in Asia the percentage rises to six per cent. In Europe, the average is forty percent. The country in the world with the highest ratio of deaths to population is Peru, which saw 94,000 deaths in 2021. In all of 2020 there were 93,000. In Brazil, the number of victims has risen since April to an average of 130 every hour, almost triple compared to last year.



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