In 5 thousand at a concert with a mask, tests in Barcelona

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A concert with 5 thousand people was organized last night in Barcelona: it is the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. The performance of the independent band Love of Lesbians took place in the Palau de Sant Jordi, which usually hosts up to 24,000 spectators. The event was intended to test whether similar initiatives, with strict hygiene measures, can be safe despite the pandemic. “Welcome to one of the most moving concerts of our life,” said singer Santi Balmes as she greeted the audience.

Strict measures were in place before and during the concert, under the supervision of doctors. All members of the public had to undergo an antigen test in one of the three centers set up before the event: the results arrived in 10-15 minutes via an app on everyone’s mobile. Only six of the 5,000 tests gave positive results, according to a report by the newspaper La Vanguardia. The swab, as well as the mask, were included in the ticket price.

Only people registered between 18 and 65 years old with smartphones capable of receiving the test results could participate in the event. Viewers also had to consent to the sharing of their data with the Ministry of Health.

There were three separate zones and entrances to attend the concert: it was not possible to move from one zone to another. But among the spectators, who had to wear the mask, the distancing was not necessary.

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