That was damn close!

A television crew from the British broadcaster Sky News came under heavy fire near Kyiv, as evidenced by footage of the attack.

As the correspondent on the channel’s website reported on Friday, his team was caught in a hail of automatic weapons fire on Monday while driving north-west of Kyiv near a Ukrainian checkpoint.

In the video you can see and hear the projectiles hitting – oppressive! You immediately think: they won’t get out of there alive…

Despite the desperate shouts that they are journalists, the shelling doesn’t stop! Countless bullets hit her car, the camera is rolling: these are dramatic scenes.

Both the reporter and the cameraman are hit by the volleys – but thank God: thanks to their protective vests, they miraculously escape without major injuries. And can flee to a nearby department store.

Later, after their own evacuation by police forces, they were told by Ukrainian soldiers that a Russian squad had targeted them.

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