In a massacre uprising in Barranquilla, a man tried to rob a Junior fan who turned out to be a Sijin agent

In a massacre uprising in Barranquilla, a man tried to rob a Junior fan who turned out to be a Sijin agent

While the authorities were collecting the evidence, after the massacre of four people in Barranquilla, a man He took advantage of the crowd of onlookers to try to rob what appeared to be a fan of Junior from Barranquilla. But he was surprised because the woman turned out to be a police officer.

hey i was stealingthe woman yelled as she held a man and pointed her gun at him. Immediately, the uniformed men ran to help immobilize the designated thief.

The woman who tried to violate turned out to be an agent of the Sectional of Judicial and Criminal Investigation (Sijin) who was in civilian clothes at the time.

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According to the images released, the man was apprehended by the patrolmen who were in the El Santuario neighborhood of Barranquilla.

The events were recorded around 10:00 p.m. this Sunday outside a commercial establishment.

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Until the business, which was full of fans who were watching the match between Junior and Independiente Medellín, two motorcycles arrived with two grillers who, without saying a word, fired indiscriminately against those who were partying in the place.

Among the dead they identified the patrolman Reinaldo Javier Orozco, attached to the El Silencio Station, which was part of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police. The other three victims are Javier Andrés Guevara, Ever José Lizama and Ronald José Zabala.

For this massacre, the authorities offered a reward of up to 80 million pesos for information that would allow those responsible to be found.


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