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“A month, and the contract is done.” This is the announcement of the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunetta referring to the remote employment contract, pointing out that it will be the “regulatory part”, and will be a “parallel package” to that of face-to-face work. The decision to “put all PA workers into so-called smart working” – adds Brunetta to the Innovation festival promoted by the “Foglio” in Venice – was a “smart idea” but “there was no contract, no ‘was the organization of work, there was no technological platform “and for” this I got angry, they wanted to make this experience a model “and” so I told myself to first make a contract and in a month for the first time there will be a real contract for agile work».

“Towards a growth of 7%”

The Minister of Public Administration also focused on the recovery of the economy. “We are experiencing a magical moment as a country, Fauci said that we are among the best at vaccination, we are coming out of the pandemic well, we are growing by 6% and maybe even more: I shouldn’t say it, but if the Green pass strategy it works we travel towards 7% of GDP. It is an amazing astral conjuncture ».

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