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Three people who they set off towards a field with shovels and other gear, captured by a surveillance camera. It is the last disturbing detail that emerges on the story of Saman Abbas the young Pakistani woman who disappeared from her home in Novellara (Reggio Emilia) and that it was opposite to the arranged wedding that the parents wanted to impose on her. The three mysterious characters captured by the safety device they leave the young woman’s family home and they return after about three hours. One mystery adds to another: Saman Abbas’ entire family unit suddenly left for Pakistan shortly after the girl’s disappearance. There prosecutor of Reggio Emilia opened a file against unknown persons for the crime of murder.

The images frame three people – with two shovels and a bucket, with a blue bag and a crowbar – headed for the fields at the back of the house of Novellara, on the evening of April 29, to return after about two and a half hours. The frames are in the records of the investigation. The prosecutor who coordinates the investigations conducted by the carabinieri immediately prepared a research plan of the three fugitives and also searched for the young woman’s body in the immediate vicinity of her home, also by emptying the irrigation canals. The dog teams and the firefighters have also been involved but at the moment nothing has been found yet. “The investigations continue for investigations and certain identification of the suspects and the injured person also abroad. To this end, i channels of international cooperationSays the chief prosecutor of Reggio Emilia Isabella Chiesi.

The contrast between the girl and the parents had been going on for years. Saman, over a year ago, was escaped to Belgium, taking refuge in the house of acquaintances precisely to escape the arranged marriage with a cousin who lives in Pakistan. Once back she had denounced father and mother (who had also been investigated for coercion and induction into marriage); the social services of the Novellara municipality had decided to entrust the young woman to a protected community in the Bolognese area. “Saman contacted the social workers directly when he was sure that there was a plane ticket to Pakistan where the wedding was to be celebrated, and this is not to be taken for granted”, explained the mayor of Novellare Elena Carletti. Saman had voluntarily left on 11 April last to return home; it seemed that relations had calmed down. On May 5, the carabinieri and social services went to look for her at home but found no one.

In the same hours even the entire family unit vanishes into thin air. To notice it is the employer of the girl’s father, the owner of a Reggio Emilia farm. “The farm where his father works – says the mayor Carletti – tried to track him down to close some deposits in view of bad weather, but the phone was unreachable. After several attempts the employer spoke with a relative who reported that the family had to return at home because an aunt was not well. This was l’alert which triggered the investigation, also because the girl’s name it is not on any airport boarding list».

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