In Abruzzo other Marsilio red areas: more vaccines are needed –

Abruzzo becomes more and more red. To the 22 municipalities in “red zone”, in the provinces of and Chieti and in Ateleta, in the province of L’Aquila, are added Silvi, Pineto and Roseto degli Abruzzi, for which the president of the Region, Marco Marsilio, signed the ordinance yesterday. It is a fluctuating curve, that of infections, but what is worrying is the number of hospitalizations in intensive care, which does not drop significantly. The English variant is slowing down the effects of the “cure”. «There is a phase of substantial settling on the infections», Marsilio declares, «with figures that vary on alternate days. The containment action, this time, appears more difficult. The only way to slow down infections is to increase vaccinations ». And this is what Marsilio will ask for tomorrow, in the meeting with the extraordinary commissioner, Francesco Figliuolo. More vaccines available to critical areas.
It is difficult to contain the infections. Two weeks after the entry into force of the red zone in some areas of Abruzzo, the restrictions are not producing the expected effect, with the race of the virus that does not stop. Blame the English variant, which in the area is found in 70% of infections. A vast coastal strip, in particular the municipalities of Silvi, Pineto and Roseto degli Abruzzi, has been in the red zone since yesterday. Here, on 27 February last, the Teramo Local Health Authority launched “a specific monitoring of the risk of viral transmission, with re-evaluation within 48 hours”. The report “in addition to a significant percentage of cases ascertained on the resident population” also highlights “the presence of several cases of the English variant which, combined with the natural proximity of the municipalities with the metropolitan area of ​​, may justify further restrictions”.
“There are reasons for worsening the health risk, which make it necessary”, reads the order signed by Marsilio, “to put in place all the measures useful to contain the transmission of the Sars-Cov 2 virus and specific variants”.
«The situation should not be dramatized», Marsilio declares, «compared to last week, when the two provinces of and Chieti were completely red, now the municipalities with the greatest restrictions are 23 in that area. It is true, however, that the measures envisaged by this legislation, with the English variant, are less effective. In the last red zone, taken at the end of November, we immediately registered a sharp stop. The truth is that, after 10-15 days of treatment, we had significantly decreasing numbers both on infections and on the occupancy of beds. This time, on infections we are witnessing a phase of adjustment, fluctuating. It is too early to say if this is the beginning of the descent because there are no great variations. Above all, admissions to intensive care units are not evidently decreasing ».
“The containment of the contagion curve with the English variant is more difficult”, highlights the president of the Region. «The road to reverse course? More vaccines are needed, in addition to checks on behavior in the red zone. I hope that the government’s work will go in this direction ». Tomorrow a meeting is scheduled between the governors of the regions and Commissioner Figliuolo, who has taken over from Arcuri. «At that time», Marsilio announces, «I will ask for a more marked distribution of vaccines in the areas most at risk, subject to a red zone regime, where infections are greater. The English variant can only be defeated by increasing the vaccination campaign: restrictions alone are not enough ».
“Unfortunately Abruzzo was hit by the English variant, in particular,” said the regional health councilor, Nicoletta Verì to the microphones of Network 8, on the sidelines of a visit to the Giulianova hospital, «which accounts for 70% of positive cases and this has produced a surge and a possibility of having more infections. We have put in place a preventive activity, with tracing, and circumscribed the cases ».
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