in bookstores, online and in ebooks from 20 June

in bookstores, online and in ebooks from 20 June

2023-06-05 10:09:23

It will be in bookstores, online and in ebooks from June 20, 2023 ‘At least you in the metaverse’ by Silvia Bertelli and Luana Caraffa. What are Music NFTs? Why can they be considered as the first stirrings of a revolution capable of subverting the music industry for the benefit of artists? Understanding the phenomenon of musical NFTs means understanding the role that blockchain technology may have in restoring the value to musical works that they have lost due to unfair exploitation in their digital diffusion, and understanding the possible future dimension of this phenomenon for artists, projects , labels, and platforms.

This book, which accompanies the reader, in a detailed but understandable way, in the knowledge of the Blockchain technology underlying the NFTs and the Web3, can also be understood as the manifesto of a cultural revolution that can be implemented by all those who love music and they understand its true value.

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