In Britain, headache is called one of the most common symptoms of “omicron”

Headache is one of the most common symptoms of infection with the omicron coronavirus strain. This was stated by a lecturer at King’s College London, Dr. Claire Steves, one of the scientists working with the ZOE Covid Study application for epidemiological research on COVID-19.

Among other common manifestations of the disease, the doctor also named a sore throat and a runny nose. She explained that the symptoms often resemble SARS, since the omicron strain is more contagious than previous versions of the infection.

“The fact that, with 75% of new cases of COVID-19, symptoms are similar to colds, and classic symptoms are much less common, means that the authorities’ recommendations need to be urgently updated,” Steves quoted the Daily Express as saying.

Among the rarely seen symptoms of omicron, she named a strong fever and fatigue, as well as body aches and night sweats.

In December, the head of the Russian Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, said that the symptoms of omicron are similar to those of the flu – a sore throat, fever, muscle pain and intoxication.



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