In Britain there is a boom in cases after Freedom Day – For the fifth consecutive day, the United Kingdom has exceeded the threshold of 40 thousand new cases of Covid, an upward trend that shows no signs of abating but it has been steadily increasing since mid-September. To weigh above all is the Delta variant that grinds infections three months after the end of the restrictions, together with the ‘resistance’ of the British who from the beginning of the epidemic have shown themselves unwilling to follow the anti-Covid rules.

Thus, 45,140 positive swabs were recorded in the last 24 hours, the biggest surge since mid-July, while the deaths were 57. In the last seven days the total number of infections was 300,081, + 15.1% compared to the previous week, while the total death toll was 852 (+ 8.5%).

The expectations of Prime Minister Boris Johnson seem so frustrated that on July 19 he reopened the country with the ‘Freedom Day’, lifting the restrictionsi, thanks to the high vaccination rate. Aware of the slippery ground, the Downing Street boss at the time defended the choice – “If we can’t do it now, helped by the arrival of summer and the school holidays, then when can we get back to normal?” – urging, however, the population to use the utmost caution.

Of course, it was not a good omen to have to go into isolation in those days, due to contact with a positive. Nor did the large number of daily cases give hope: at the time over 54,000 in 24 hours, a new peak since January. But on his side there was a mostly vaccinated adult population and a suffering economy, as well as the opinion of experts such as Professor Neil Ferguson, a member of the Group of Scientific Advisors for Emergencies, convinced that the effect of vaccines was ” drastically reducing the risk of hospitalizations and deaths “and that by autumn” most of the pandemic “would be” behind us “.

Still in mid-September, BoJo had reiterated the line decided by the government, saying he is “confident of being able to move forward with the ‘Plan à” which includes vaccines, tampons and rules for isolation, avoiding the “Plan B” which includes stricter rules on masks and gatherings. However, the growing number of infections has brought his management of the Covid epidemic back into the crosshairs of criticism, fueled in recent days also by the images of the Johnson family on vacation in Marbella, Spain.

An escape from the sun badly digested by the families of the victims, especially in light of the 150-page report drawn up by the Health, Social Assistance, Science and Technology Committees of the British Parliament, which denounced a slow response to Covid from the UK, pointing the finger at the initial approach of the government, which attempted to manage the epidemic instead of trying to stop it, the delayed lockdown, the failures in the contact tracing program and the lack of attention to the most vulnerable.



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