In cancellation: Ronaldo’s response to Atlético fans

As part of one of the most impressive careers in the history of the football industry, this summer will not be a part that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to stand out. With a rumor mill about his future, a host of rejections, “family problems” and a legacy at stake – the Portuguese phenomenon will hope to put the last few months behind him.

One of the teams to which Ronaldo’s name is most seriously linked is Atlético Madrid. The striker, who is expected to end his career at Manchester United soon, is looking for a new home, and as part of that, reports have begun of talks with the Colchoneros. But not surprisingly, the echoes allowing the existence of such a transition were not long in coming.

As you remember, CR7 is considered one of the biggest symbols in the history of Real Madrid – the place where he flourished the most, won the Champions League four times, scored 444 goals and made 127 assists in 434 appearances. Therefore, and naturally, Atlético Madrid fans, against whose team he scored many times and in the biggest stages, did not like the rumors about the possibility of him joining.

As a result, they waved a sign at the team’s practice match that read “CR7 NOT WELCOME”. Also, and possibly due to the great pressure from the fans, club president Enrique Cereso announced that it is not possible for the striker to play for Atlético. In any case, the one who chose to respond to the fans’ sign on the networks is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

The Portuguese responded by canceling the post that appeared on the networks with four laughing emojis. It can be said that even on Ronaldo’s part, Gogol closed down on a possible move to Colchoneros.

Now, after being rejected by Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona – it seems that Atletico Madrid will not be Cristiano Ronaldo’s next destination either. Be that as it may, the continuation of his career at Manchester United seems to be in the dark, when the agent of the Portuguese Jorge Mendes has already met with the heads of the club and informed them – an offer must be made and he demands that he be released.

But now it turns out that the Portuguese did not respond only to Atlético fans, but also to the media. As mentioned, his name has been linked to countless possible transfers, as well as rejections by some of the continent’s biggest players. One report stated that “Jorge Mendes told Manchester United that Cristiano Ronaldo was determined to leave, but the agent remained pessimistic about the requested transfer. Sir Alex Ferguson intervened. The club insisted that Ronaldo was not for sale.”

The one who didn’t like this report was Ronaldo himself, who responded again on the networks: “It’s impossible not to talk about me for one day. Otherwise the media won’t make money. You know that if you don’t lie you won’t be able to get people’s attention. Keep it up – maybe one day you’ll write Something is true.”


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