In case of non-availability of medicine in government hospitals, the toll-free number 104 can be reported

Minister M. Subramanian said that if medicines are not available in government hospitals and primary health centers, the public can contact the toll-free number 104.

Water Resources Minister Duraimurugan, Medical and Public Welfare Minister M. Subramanian inspected 10 primary health centers and government hospitals in Vellore district on Tuesday.

When Kadpadi Vattam visited Ponnai Primary Health Center, he asked the pharmacist on duty about the stock of medicines. He said there was no medicine for snakebite there. Besides, the building was also found in dilapidated condition and it was reported that the X-ray equipment was taken to Kodaikal near Soling. Through this, the Ministers learned that the Ponnai Primary Health Center was not functioning properly and ordered the immediate transfer of the two doctors there.

Subsequently, in Katbadi Rs. He inspected the construction of a 60-bed government hospital at 14 crore 30 lakhs, Melpadi, Thiruvalam, Pallikuppam, Senur, Ghazinjore health centers and Vellore Khakamparai Government Medical College Hospital.

Earlier, Minister Duraimurugan told reporters:

Ponnai Periya Panchayat. There are 20 villages around it. These people depend on Ponnai Primary Health Centre. We have done a detailed study to improve this and provide basic facilities.

Doctors are not available in this primary health center, there is no medicine even for snake bite and the patients have to be transported around 50 km. It was also learned that there was a loss of life on the way as they had to be taken to the far-off Khatampparai Government Hospital. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Welfare should take action to remove the dilapidated building and construct a new building.

Minister M. Subramanian said:

Hospitals under Vellore and Ranipet districts were examined. After inspecting the Ponnai Primary Health Centre, steps were taken to transfer the Medical Officer and District Medical Officer here. The pharmacist works here as a substitute from another place. Immediate steps will be taken to appoint a permanent pharmacist for Ponnai Primary Health Centre. Also, digital x-rays, dental appointments, etc., can be set up immediately, making it a qualified hospital.

It has been informed to prepare the project estimates for construction of new buildings in the coming financial year and send them to the government to demolish the dilapidated buildings of the Ponnai Hospital.

Steps are being taken to establish new medical colleges in 6 places in Tamil Nadu namely Mayiladuthurai, Tiruppattur, Ranipet, Kanchipuram, Perambalur and Tenkasi.

There is no shortage of medicines in government hospitals in Tamil Nadu. There are government dispensaries in all 38 districts. If there is no medicine, the public has been advised to call the toll-free number 104.

During the inspection, District Collector P. Kumaravel Pandian, Members of Legislative Assembly A. P. Nandakumar (Dyre), B. Karthikeyan (Vellore), District Panchayat Committee President M. Babu, Vellore Municipal Corporation Mayor Sujatha Anandakumar, Ms. Kadambaparai Medical College Principal, Deputy Director ( Health Services) Banumathi and others were present.

In Ranipet…

Ministers also inspected the Lalapettai Government Primary Health Center next to Ranipettai on Tuesday.

The district administration Bhaskara Pandian, Deputy Director of District Medical Services Mani Maran, primary health center doctors, nurses, medical staff and others were present.


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