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A measure to avoid the increase in bills, according to what is learned, should be tomorrow on the table of the Council of Ministers scheduled at 4 pm in Palazzo Chigi. The measure should pass not from a VAT cut, as claimed by rumors circulated in the last few hours, but from the stop to system charges.

Price increases, the alarm raised by Cingolani

It was the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, who raised the alarm on possible increases, in particular for the electricity bill, who, for the next quarter, spoke of an increase of 40%. “Last quarter the electricity bill increased by 20%, this quarter it increased by 40”, said Cingolani in recent days, specifying that “the trend data on increases in energy costs have been known and monitored for some time by professionals. : changes in bills are established every quarter by the energy authority on the basis of the cost of raw materials such as gas and the cost of CO2 “.

“The government – he then specified – is strongly committed to mitigating the cost of bills due to these international situations and to ensure that the transition to more sustainable energies is rapid and does not penalize families”.

“Risk sting from 1,300 euros per family”

According to the Assoutenti and Movimento Consumatori associations, without interventions there would be a “total sting of almost 1,300 euros per year per family”.

“A maxi-adjustment of energy tariffs would result in a greater annual outlay of approximately +500 euros per year by a family with two children only for the supply of electricity and gas. However, more expensive energy also translates into higher costs for industry, transport, merchants, and for the entire production and distribution system, with repercussions on retail prices and tariffs “, explain the consumer associations.

According to the calculations of Assoutenti and Movimento Consumatori, “a maxi increase in bills would cause indirect effects on retail price lists for a total of +768 euros per year per family, of which +140 euros only for food, and +174 euros for the transport item , bringing the total bill of the sting to almost 1,300 euros per household “.

Against the rises that risk falling on Italians, Assoutenti and Movimento Consumatori therefore call “the consumerist pact and all the consumer associations of the Cncu together, in order to organize a national protest that could lead to a ‘consumer strike’, with the citizens invited not to shop for a day to protest against the price and tariff increases that risk further impoverishing a large slice of the population, already brought to its knees by the Covid emergency “.

The two associations also appeal to the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco “so that the increases are absorbed by canceling the improper charges in the bill (anachronistic taxes and excise duties and the so-called system charges) and that of the ecological transition, Roberto Cingolani (to strengthen interventions energy self-production the so-called energy communities) so that they urgently intervene to avoid the maxi-increases in the bills and operate on the excessive taxation that applies to electricity and gas, starting from a significant cut in the system charges that weigh more than 10% on the Italian bills “.

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