Tirelessly, the Ukrainian power pleads with its allies to receive more weapons. Ukraine badly needs mobile units capable of sending several rockets simultaneously, to have equal weapons against the firepower of Russia, thus insisted on Wednesday in Davos the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“The battle for Donbass is very similar to the battles of World War II,” Dmytro Kuleba told reporters after a series of talks at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort with government officials and business leaders. The minister explained in particular that “certain villages and towns no longer exist” in this region of Ukraine, which has suffered intensive bombing in recent days. “They were reduced to rubble by Russian artillery fire, by Russian multiple rocket launchers.”

Every day waiting “people are killed”

Russia is better equipped than Ukraine for a number of heavy weapons. But according to Dmytro Kuleba, the greatest imbalance concerns launchers capable of sending several rockets simultaneously. kyiv has asked Washington for it, and it is “really the weapon that we badly need”, assured the minister. “Countries that are dragging their feet on supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine, must understand that every day they spend deciding, weighing different arguments, people are being killed.”

The minister also called on the international community to “kill Russian exports”, saying that Moscow should stop “making money and investing it in a war machine that kills, rapes and tortures Ukrainians”.

In addition, amid concerns about Ukraine’s current inability to export its grain due to Russian blockades of its ports, he reported on kyiv’s discussions with the United Nations on the possibility of a secured from the port of Odessa. This one would have to be cleared, and kyiv would need guarantees to ensure that Russia does not attack it. “At the end of the day, the whole story with this corridor is a matter of trust in Russia,” summed up the minister. “We are working with the United Nations to find a way to address this security concern.”

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