In Eure, Archpriest Jean-Marc was consecrated Bishop of Normandy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

In Eure, Archpriest Jean-Marc was consecrated Bishop of Normandy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

2023-06-06 10:46:30

Orthodoxy is in its literal sense “that which conforms to”. In Christianity, this religion advocates “the truth” and condemns Arianism which affirms the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. It is spread throughout the world under five patriarchates of the undivided church. In France, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople has a small chapel in Reuilly (near Évreux) led by Jean Picaud. The Archbishop of the Orthodox Parish of Saint-Michel and Saint-Martin, the only one in Normandy, has just been consecrated Bishop of Normandy and Neustria.

Jean Picaud was born near Melun (77). He arrived in Louviers at the age of 10. Quickly, he became interested in religion by communicating in the Roman Christian Church: “an Orthodox priest came to my parents, because my mother was German and my grandfather came from Russia. I felt an attraction for this religion which has hardly changed since its origins. There was a little germ in me. Initially out of curiosity.

Having become a nursing assistant, he then joined the Saint-Denis and Saint Serge training institutes in Paris, “a kind of improved catechism” and quickly passed the grades of porter, reader, acolyte, sub-deacon and deacon. In 1980, he founded the chapel “which looks like a small church” before being appointed priest: “I will serve mass and the other rites for many years to around fifteen faithful, often converts. I will become archbishop with seniority and then, unfortunately, my superior died. It was at this time that Metropolitan Léonid de Dubienka offered me to become Bishop of Neustria which covers Normandy to Flanders, from Colmar to La Rochelle and Brittany”.

« Axios, Axios, Axios! »

On May 7, in the chapel of the Orthodox parish of Saint Michel and Saint-Martin, in the presence of Metropolitans Léonid de Dubienka, Patrick de Limoges and Jérémie de Paris, Jean Picaud became Monsieur Jean-Marc: “it is the faithful who affirmed their agreement at each stage of the coronation by launching Axios, Axios, Axios! After the reading of the theological proclamations and the kisses at the corners of the altar according to the Byzantine rite, I was worthy of the function”, says the religious. Since then, with his miter and his pastoral staff, Monsignor Jean-Marc takes care of places of worship, supervises priests, trains people to create parishes, acts as a bridge between each church “and, I continue my services in my chapel “.

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