In exchange for voting in favor of the pension reform, Cabildo Abierto asks for a home for elderly inmates

In exchange for voting in favor of the pension reform, Cabildo Abierto asks for a home for elderly inmates

Photo: Twitter / Guido Manini Rios
Photo: Twitter / Guido Manini Rios

The pension reform in Uruguay continues to generate tensions and discrepancies among the members of the multicolored coalition in government. President Luis Lacalle Pou has agreed to give more time for it to be approved by Parliament, extending the deadline until the end of April. However, for this reform to be approved, the party Open Town Hall (CA) has put as condition to accompany her to vote for the home confinement for people over 65according to political sources consulted by the weekly Search.

In a bench meeting, the legislators of the Colorado Party have expressed their interest in voting on this project, which also reaches prisoners for human rights violations, although CA leaders have relativized it. Negotiations on the pension reform have transcended the sphere of the Legislative Palace and have involved several ministers and the president himself in recent weeks.

Although for Lacalle Pou the approval of the pension reform is a priority, he has accepted that the commission of Deputies that deals with the project take more time, according to one of the sources consulted. This represents a change in attitude compared to the white legislators of that commission, who were left in the minority before the lobbyists, the Broad Front and César Vega, from PERI, when they voted to extend the work of the legislative group until the end of April last Wednesday. 29.

If the government gives in to support Cabildo Abierto in its insistent idea, several repressors of the dictatorship who currently discount effective prison sentences would benefit.

Manini Ríos says that there is “intransigence”

A political source has assured the aforementioned medium that there will be further adjustments to the proposal before it is voted on. Senator Guido Manini Ríos, leader of CA, has questioned the “a certain intransigence of those who have proposed the project” to address his party’s claim to remove the article that allows AFAPs to invest part of their retirement savings in shares of companies abroad.

In addition, Manini Ríos has questioned the urgency of approving the reform before Friday, asking why it could not be done in another month, or even a year after the electoral process has passed.


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