In faith, she bought an entrepreneurial project to build 338 apartments in Carmi Gat in exchange for NIS 151 million

Israel’s trust company Zaira bought from Tobolsky Real Estate a project to build 338 apartments in the Gat vineyards in northern Kiryat Gat in exchange for NIS 151 million. Tobolsky won the project in June 2021 in a Land Authority tender and paid NIS 143 million for it at the time, including development expenses. In fact, Zaira bought Tobolsky’s subsidiary company only owns the project in Kiryat Gat and will enter its shoes. The project includes 22 villas that will sell for NIS 4-5 million, and apartments under construction. A 4-room apartment is currently sold in the neighborhood for about NIS 1.8 million.

In faith, she began her journey as an organizer of purchase groups for the national religious public, but she will build and sell the project she purchased in Carmi Gat as an entrepreneurial company. In 3 months you will complete occupancy of 343 apartments built by a purchasing group managed by Bamona.

The entrepreneurial project in the Gat mines is another step in the company’s transition from the field of purchasing groups to entrepreneurs. It is currently building 3 projects in Beit Shemesh, and another project in Givat Hamatos in Jerusalem.

In a conversation with him, Zaira explains that he stopped organizing purchase groups “because the State of Israel markets land mainly in the form of a price to the settler. That is why it is difficult to find land that is suitable for purchase groups. Second, after the story of Eldad Perry and Inbal Or, the public is less enthusiastic about the large purchase groups that we organized in the past. Today, the purchase groups are in scope Small, mainly in the Tel Aviv area.” On the other hand, faith turns to the periphery “We strongly believe in the periphery” says Zaira “We think it is the future of the State of Israel. Because a person from the settlement does not have money to buy an apartment in Gush Dan.”

Karmi Gat is a huge new neighborhood north of Kiryat Gat, in the first phase that will be completed in 2023 it will have about 7,500 apartments and over 20 thousand residents. But the state and the municipality are advancing plans to expand the neighborhood to the north and west, which will add another 15,000 apartments to the neighborhood.


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