In Finland, it will be possible to work remotely not only at home, but also in the forest

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It will now be possible to work remotely in Finland not only at home or in a cafe, but also in the forest. This opportunity was provided to the Finns by a new development of the LAB University of Applied Sciences. According to the project of Finnish students, the first work tables appeared in a forest near Lahti, carefully attached directly to the trunks of trees. They have holders for a glass and a phone, a place for a laptop and a hook for a bag or backpack. The workstations are made from wood components. In autumn, when the weather turns bad, they can be dismantled.

Many people in Suomi liked the idea. You can take a break from the bustle of the city and work at the same time. True, of course, with less amenities than in the city. Earlier in Vilnius, open air jobs were opened, but not in the forest, but in the city park. As reported by the Lithuanian information portal Delfi, there are seven street offices so far, they are wooden buildings with a roof, a seat and a table. The buildings have a stylish sloping shape, while the table and chairs are inseparable from it. There are solar panels on the rooftops of the offices, and there is wireless internet.

The emergence of such projects in Finland and the Baltics is associated with a pandemic. People en masse have switched to telecommuting, but not everyone has the conditions for it at home.


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