In Germany, Angela Merkel’s party collapses in the elections in two landers, victory for Verdi and SPD

Triumph of the Greens, net drop in CDU in Baden Wuerttemberg, according to the first projections of the elections for the renewal of the Landtag: the environmentalist party leaves the polls with 31% of the votes, detaching the CDU (Angela Merkel’s party) stopped at 23, by as many as 8 points. In 2016, the Christian Democrats had obtained 27% of the votes.

The SPD scores 12% of the votes (minus 0.7 compared to five years ago), the FDP liberals reach 11.5% (an increase of 3 and a half points). The Afd, the ultra-right party, gets 11.5, against 15.1% in 2016.

They have been about 7.7 million people called to vote for the renewal of the Landtag. On the basis of these votes, the Greens Governor Winfried Kretschmann sees the way open for his re-appointment.

Today’s vote is considered a important test bed ahead of the federal elections on September 26th.

Decisive affirmation of the Social Democrats and clear decline of the CDU in Rhineland Palatinate. According to the first data released by the public channel Ard, la Spd of governor Malu Dreyer stands at 34.5% of consents, against 26% of Angela Merkel’s party, which marks a drop of almost 6 points compared to the 2016 elections.

The “Free voters”, again according to projections, obtained 5.5% of the votes thus entering the Landtag for the first time. The ultra-right party, the Afd, does not reach more than 10.5% of the votes against 12.6% five years ago. The result of the Greens, which scored 8.5% (in 2016 it was 5.3%, but some polls had given environmentalists over 10%), was below expectations, while the liberals of the FDP do not go over 6.5%.

In Rhineland-Palatinate they were 3.1 million people called to the polls. Malu Dreyer, Social Democrat, on the basis of these results, could continue to lead the Land together with the Greens and the liberals of the FPD (the so-called “traffic light coalition”, with the color of their respective parties.



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