In Great Britain free quick tests for everyone, twice a week – From 9 April all those living in England will be able to do a rapid coronavirus test for free, twice a week. This was announced by the government of Boris Johnson. “Until now the tests were only available to those who were most at risk”, the government website reads, “but now they will be offered to everyone and we encourage people to do them to prevent the spread of the epidemic and return to a more normal life. “.

“Right now, running regular rapid tests is even more important to make sure the efforts made with the vaccination campaign are not in vain,” Johnson said.

The initiative “will be essential for the relaxation of restrictions as it will allow the rapid elimination of the spread of variants” of the virus, the government website continues.

“About one in three positive have no symptoms and by the time we reopen business and resume life that we have missed so much regular rapid tests will be crucial to help us quickly spot the positives and stop any outbreak,” explains the minister of health. Cheers, Matt Hancock.

“Vaccinations are essential – he added – but to recover our freedom and return to normal we must all be tested regularly“According to the British media, the tests will be available free of charge in centers where they are already performed, in pharmacies, in the workplace, in schools and even through the post office. However, some criticisms have already been expressed about the risk of the initiative becoming a “scandalous waste of money”, as stated on the BBC website.

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