In his program, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants to “leave the Schengen area”

In his program, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants to “leave the Schengen area”

2023-10-01 02:42:07

The European campaign is launched at Debout la France. The sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, whose party will present a list in the June elections, unsurprisingly attacked the EU once again, virulently targeting Emmanuel Macron on Saturday during his movement’s back-to-school universities in Yerres in Essonne.

In 2019, his party’s list only obtained 3.51% of the votes cast, failing to reach the 5% threshold necessary to have elected representatives in the European Parliament.

Dupont-Aignan castigates a “supranational coup”

On Saturday, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan presented a 10-point program for the June elections aimed in particular at “exiting the Schengen area”, “removing the European Commission”, “establishing a national price for electricity by leaving the market European Union”, “renegotiating free trade agreements” and “exiting NATO’s integrated military command”.

The deputy for Essonne, who rallied behind Marine Le Pen during the second round of the 2017 presidential election, but not in 2022, hopes to have “resistant deputies” elected in June, according to his speech. Objective: to put an end to “a real supranational coup d’état (…) which will destroy our individual freedoms, our national democracies”. “Emmanuel Macron and his government are acting against the interests of the French people,” he insisted, denouncing “deaf and blind power”.

Sovereignists divided

Sovereignists are threatened by the danger of European fragmentation. As for the RN, which came first in 2019 (23.34%) and which is one of the favorites in the polls, Jordan Bardella, president of the party, will lead the list. At Reconquête, it will be led by Marion Maréchal, the niece of Marine Le Pen, who is reaching out to LR voters.

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