“In light of Taliban actions no recognition, we need firmness”

“In light of the actions” that the Taliban have taken in these first days of government “the international community certainly cannot carry out acts of recognition, firmness is needed“. The said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in his speech at the American Studies Center at the event “2001-2021 the Twenty Years’ War“.

“The anniversary of September 11 requires us to reflect on the past and on the lessons learned in these twenty years, but it must also provide us with an incentive to continue, united, to fight terrorism wherever it lurks in the name of our values. freedom and democracy “, Di Maio said again.

September 11 brings with it a strong symbolic charge for Americans and for all of us“, Di Maio recalled, speaking of that date as” an epochal watershed “.” First of all, on the level of values: what Al-Qaeda wanted to hit with its terrorist action was in fact the universal message of democracy, freedom and dignity of the person, inherent in the idea of ​​America. Secondly – he underlined – the attack on the Twin Towers has brought out terrorism as a global threat to peace and security “.


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