“In line to finish evacuation 31 August”

“We are in line to conclude” the evacuation from Afghanistan “by 31 August: the sooner we finish, the better”. Joe Biden, president of the United States, comments on the operation which is expected to end on August 31st. “I met with my colleagues from the G7, the leaders of the UN, NATO and the EU. I thanked for the solidarity seen, we are committed to an unprecedented effort. We have evacuated 70,700 people since August 14, in the last 12 hours there have been another 19 US military flights that have carried 6,400 people evacuated. Over 50 flights and 12,000 people ”overall from coalition countries in the last 12 hours. “We will continue to work together to get people out in the most efficient and safe way. Every day of operations carries risks for our troops. The conclusion by 31 August depends on the cooperation of the Taliban, allowing access to the airport “of the people who must be evacuated. “I asked the Pentagon and the State Department for plans to change the calendar if necessary. I am determined to ensure the conclusion of this mission ”.

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“I am concerned about the growing, real risks that must be considered,” he says, referring to the possibility that “Isis may attack the airport, American and allied forces, innocent civilians,” Biden said. “The leaders of the G7, the UN, NATO and the EU agree on a united approach towards the Taliban: the legitimacy of any future government depends on compliance with international obligations, including the obligation to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a basis for terrorism. The Taliban will be judged on the basis of actions, we will remain united and we will coordinate every step to respond to the behavior of the Taliban ”adds the president of the United States.

Biden stressed that the airlift from Kabul depends on cooperation with the Taliban. “The longer we stay”, the greater the risk of terrorist attacks by ISIS, he reiterates. As previously anticipated by the White House, Biden confirmed that he still asked the Pentagon and the State Department to prepare emergency plans in case there is no risk of completing the evacuation. “We intend to remain vigilant against terrorism, we will ensure that Afghanistan is no longer a base for terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies”. Together with the allies it was agreed, he concludes, to judge the Taliban “by their acts”.


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